Official Start of MISDEED Project

2019-05-25T22:06:53+01:00October 1st, 2018|Categories: Project management|

We are happy to announce the official start of the MISDEED project, which is funded by the Slovak Research and Development Agency.

MISDEED project focuses on the detection of online misinformation in healthcare domain, in which people many times rely on information obtained on the web. However, following medical false information can have serious consequences. This is illustrated best by antivax misinformation that caused many people to refuse vaccination. In the present we have witnessed the outbreak of various diseases, such as the measles virus. Its occurrence in Israel in 2017 and in Slovakia in 2018 multiplied several times in comparison with previous years.

Due to the recent increase in the amount of misinformation, the successful reaching of this goal requires close cooperation between human experts (medical doctors), non-experts (public) and data-driven methods. The primary aim of MISDEED project is to propose and verify a set of interconnected models, methods and tools for misinformation detection and debunking. In the proposed approaches, we will pay attention to two novel aspects. In the proposed project, we also tackle the open question of how to effectively deliver the obtained results from the data-driven methods to the expert as well as the non-expert users.

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